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2-EASY Prox Door Station

(Code: H 2-EASY Prox Door)
2-EASY Prox Door Station
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  1. The 2-EASY KP Door Station is a 2-wire robust single button stainless steel external door station with built-in backlit keypad, and camera with infra-red for night time vision, and is compatible throughout the 2-EASY range. The System has the capacity for 3 additional door stations including the standard version or with a built-in keypad or prox reader. If any additional door station are installed you will require a PS5 power supply and a DPS Splitter. Each 2-EASY door station has an output for opening electric gates or electric locks.Please note that for long cable runs we would recommend the use of Beldon 8471 data cable
  2. 2 Easy with Key Pad