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Intro Small 24 Kit - Underground gate Kit

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Intro Small 180 Degree opening electric gate kit,
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Information about the Intro Small 24 Kit - Underground gate Kit

Intro Small/24 Underground Electric Gate Kit by King Gates


The Intro Small is a stylish, modern, and compactedunderground electric gate kit that has the capacity to move up to 400kg and 2.3metres in length per gate leaf. And can achieve 180 degree opening as standard.TheIntro Small is the 24 volt version which enables the option for battery backupif required. The intro Small underground automation range boasts many innovativefeatures such as, a slow-down facility on opening and closing, obstacledetection to ensure safety, secondary programmable safety input for additionalphoto beams or safety edges, partial opening for pedestrian access, auto safetytest mode, where the control unit drops the power to the photo beams and waitsfor a change in the states before performing a cycle. The Intro 400 undergroundelectric gate range has many more features. For more information, please go tothe manuals section or contact us at GatesGates.

The kits consist of: 2 x Intro Small 24 Underground motors,2 x Foundation box`s, 1 x StarG824NG control unit, 2 x Stylo4K 4 radiotransmitters, 1 x Pair of Viky 30 photo beams, 2 x override release arms andMechanical Stops for open and closed positions. The control unit comes housedin an IP 54 rated plastic box with Power supply and built-in radio receiverthat has a capacity for up to 200 remote transmitters. Underground systems arethe most discreet way of automating gates, by burying the foundation boxesflush with the ground under the hinge position and connecting to the undersideof the gate you will achieve a seamless installation. The Intro SmallUnderground systems can open your gates inwards or outwards.

Please feel free to download the manuals for the King Gates introSmall24 underground electric gates kit. 


Download Intro Small Manual


Download Intro Small Data Sheet


Download StarG8 Manual