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WiFi Intercom With Built-in Keypad (Surface mounted) KSWF02

WiFi Intercom With Built-in Keypad (Surface mounted) KSWF02

(Code: KSWF02)

The New 3rd Generation WiFi Intercom with built-in keypad enables you to receive video calls to your smart phone from visitors at your gate or gain entry via numerical code.  



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Wireless WiFi Video Intercom system with built-in Keypad

The KSWF02 WiFi Intercom system is a great way to communicate with your visitors and enabling access.


The New 3rd Generation Wi-Fi intercom with built-in keypad enables you to receive video calls to your smart devices, such as smart phone and tablets, from visitors at your gate. Using the New Doordeer app you will be able to monitor who rings the doorbell and thus increase the security of your home. The app enables you to see and have a 2-way conversation with your visitors that are at the gate/door. The Wi-Fi intercom now has a fantastic new feature of 2 relay outputs. This will enable you to trigger 2 different gates, such as a vehicular gate and pedestrian gate by swiping the release tab on the App left or right, to give access through the required gate. The intercom also has a built-in electric blue back-lit keypad this will enable your regular visitor to gain access via a numerical code. The keypad has the capacity for you to enter up to 40 individual numerical code for different users.    

The intercom is a very easy system to install and setup, you simply need to connect the intercom to your broadband via an ethernet cable. If you prefer a wireless intercom, you have the option of using Wi-Fi (Must Be 2.4GHz). Then you will need to download the app to your smart phone device and add the provided login details. This will enable you to receive calls from your gate any where you have internet access. (Mobile Phone Not Included)

The KSWF02 Wi-Fi intercom is compatible with the all-new Wi-Fi Intercom Monitor (KSWF04) this will enable you to receive calls to your mobile phone and to the KSWF04 Monitor simultaneously via Wi-Fi connection. 

Key Features

Wi-Fi of Ethernet Connection
Built-in Back-lit Keypad - 40 user codes
110 Degree 1080P Camera 
2 Relay Outputs
12 volt DC
IOS and Android compatible 
Compatible with Wi-Fi Monitors 
Dimensions: 210mm H x 110mm W x  30mm D



Download Intercom Manual