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Twin Sliding Gate Kits

Choose a Twin Sliding Gate Kit that meets your requirements

Gates Gates selected high-performing twin sliding gate automation kits by King Gates. The kits are suited for gates up to 1000 kg per gate leaf and a voltage of 230 volts. The gate kits include electric motors, a pair of infra red and two radio transmitters. The twin sliding gate kits available on our website offer an effective solution to easily automate your twin gates. Tjose automation systems are built up for security with safety edge input, pedestrian and obstacle detection.

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Automate your Twin Sliding Gates with our Electrical Kits:

Dynamos 500 Twin Sliding Gate Kit
Dynamos 500 Twin Kit For gates up to 500 Kg per gate leaf
Dynamos 600 Twin Sliding Gate Kit
Dynamos 600 Twin Kit For gates up to 600 Kg per gate leaf (24Volt)
Dynamos 1000 Twin, For gates up to 1000 Kg per gate leaf
Dynamos Twin 230 volt / for gates up to 1000 Kg per gate leaf