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4G GSM Gate Opener

4G GSM Gate Opener

(Code: AA KSGSM01)

4G GSM Gate Opener, open your gates from anywhere in the world free of charge  

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Information about our 4G GSM Gate Opener / GSM Switch.

Our all new universal 4G gate opener will enable you to open your electric gates free of charge form anywhere in the world, when you phone the SIM card number the GSM Opener will recognise pre-programmed numbers and reject the call (so no charge) at this point it will trigger the gates to open. You can have 200 user phone numbers programmed to the devise or unlimited users if set to trigger with any incoming call.
  If used with a pay as you go SIM card you can set the GSM Gate Opener to send out a text message to the master user once a month, this is to stop the Sim card from being cut off by the network provider. If used in a work environment you can restrict what time of day specific users can gain access if required. The programming of the device is very easy and you can add or remove users by simple SMS Text command so this can be done from anywhere. It can be powered by 9-36V DC and the output trigger relay time can be adjusted from 1 to 900 second and be triggered to latch open or closed by text command. It has normally open, common and normally closed contacts, this means it is universal and can be connected to any brand or Electric gate automation, door entry system and access control.