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King Gates ELEVOK 620 - Electric Garage Door Opener

King Gates ELEVOK 620 - Electric Garage Door Opener

(Code: ELEVOK620.06)
£ 240.00
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KING GATESELEVO-K 620.06 Garage Door Opener

The Elevo very easy to install and shouldn’t take you longat all. The 3 x 1 metre pieces guide rails simply slot together making a solidand ridged  base for the Elevo to connectto. You then connect the guide rail to the wall above the door and the celling.There are brackets to adjust the hight if required. The pro led steel guideguarantees a smooth movement of the door during the opening and closing phases,while the use of the belt with steel core allows to get a low level of noisiness.The assembling of the Elevo motor to the guide is also quick and easy toinstall. the motor has the facility to be angled of 90° to the guide rail toovercome any obstacles in the installation area the Elevo is suitable for doorup to 2,4 meters in hight. And has a maximum capacity of 10 m2  for sectional doors and 8.5 m2 for overhead doors.Elevo is more powerful and simple to program than ever due to the newly developedSTAR EVO control panel. The installation procedure follows the same logic thatdistinguishes all KINGgates control units. The main parameters are adjustedintuitively using 3 potentiometers and 4 dip switches. The garage lighting isguaranteed by a practical LED courtesy light integrated into the electronicboard.




Elevo 620 Automation for sectional doors up to 10 m2 andoverhead doors up to 8.5 m2.

Force max 620N.

STAR Control Unit.

ELECTRONICS: Programming with self -learning function,

adjustable functions through dip-switches and regulation ofpower and speed.

STEEL RAIL: Strong guide in profiled metal and belt drivetransmission with 6 core steel cables.

ASSEMBLY: Easy joint between gear motor and rail,

safe and accurate thanks to metric screws.

King Gate ELEVOK 620.06 Kit Includes:

1 x ELEVO-K 620Garage Door Motor.

1 x Star Control Unit.

3 x 1 Metre interlocking Rail

2 x Stylo 4K Remotes.

1 x VIKY Pair of Photocells.

1 x Receiver.

 Download Elevo 620 Data Sheet


 Download Elevo 620 Manual