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Open 6000 Barrier Kit

Open 6000 Barrier Kit

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Open 6000 Barrier Kit
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Information about the Open 6000 Barrier Kit

  1. Dispatched from manufacture please allow 4 to 5 days for delivery.                  Open 6000 is a 24 volt Barrier kit complete with a 24volt motor and capable of handling boom arm up to 6 Metres. The kit consists of barrier unit with lockable hatch and built-in control unit, 6 metre boom arm and foundation mounting plate.The control unit has auto programming,, Slow down for the end of travel, Obstacle detection, Pause time, Pre lamp, programmable safety inputs for photo beams or safety edges and much more. Please note that an optional back up battery and charger card is available for all the low voltage King range of motors. Please look under accessories.
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