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Transmitter & Receiver Kit (N/O & N/C) Contacts

(Code: Tx & Rx Kit NO/ N/C)
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  1. The Mini transmitter and receiver kit is ideal for converting standard push buttons or safety edges to wireless. If you cannot run a cable to your required spot, simply wirer in the receiver, then connect the exit button to the 2 trigger wires of the transmitter and connect the battery then place the transmitter in back box of the exit button, 
    The Mini transmitter and receiver kit also has varies other uses such as, triggering an alarm to let you know your gate has been left open, by connecting the transmitter to a reed switch and connecting the receiver to a sounder. Plus many more uses. 

    The receiver requires 12 Volt DC and has a normally closed output,
    The transmitter requires a 9Volt PP3 Battery