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Articulated single Arm Kits

About Single Articulated Arm Electric Gate Kits

Find the right single articulated arm kit to automate your gate

Shop Single articulated arm that will fit your electric gates and automated swing gates. Those kits are designed for gates up to 4.2 metres and 500 kg per gate leaf. The King gates Modus range is ideal for new installations as well as for existing gates.
The articulated arm system is a convenient type of gate automation. An articulated gate opener is a two-piece arm : the gate motor is usually attached to the gate post. The end of the arm is connected to the gate. This is a simplistic design which makes it easy to use and to install.
The benefits from choosing an articulated arm kit are:
Reliability: An articulated arm is made out of a strong mechanism which explains the size of this type of automation.
Easy Maintenance: Due to a simplistic design, articulated gate openers are much easier to maintain compared to underground automation.
Adaptability: Articulated gate openers easily adapt to existing gates as they allow for a tailored fit. In some difficult locations, they are the only option to automate your gate
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All Double Articulated Arm Gate kits include:
  • 1 x  Modus Master motors with bulit-in StarG824NG conrol unit, radio reciver, and transformer 
  • 2 x Stylo4K radio transmitters
  • 1 x Pair of Viky 30 photo beams
  • Override release arms and Mechanical Stops 
If you need any more information on our Articulated gate openers or any of our other products, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find your next gate automation system and offer advise on the installation of it. 

Select the correct Single articulated arm kit that will fit your gates. Make your gates electric today.

Mini Modus LT Single Gate Kit
Mini Modus LT Single Gate Kit for Gates up to 2 Metres and 250Kg (24Volt)
Modus 280 LT Single Gate Kit
Modus 280 LT Single Gate Kit for gates up to 2.8 Meters & 300KG (24Volt)
Modus XL LT Single Arm Kit
Modus XLLT Single Gate Kit for gates up to 4.2 Metres and 500KG (24Volt)
Modus external key operated release
Modus external key operated release
Modus limit stop (pair)
Modus limit stop (pair)
Modus limit stop (pair)