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Back Mounted Ram Kits

About Double Electric Ram Gate Kits

Find the right Double Electric Ram Gate Kit to suits your instalation

Find the Best electrical Ram swing gate kits to automate your double gates. We stock a large range of electric Back Mounted Ram kits for above ground automation. including our Couper24, Linear 400, Jet 24, Linear500, and Jet XL, all made by King gates in Italy, and all highly reliable with a fresh modern look. All of our ram kits are 24-volt this give lots of benefits like better safety, more cycles per hour and the facility for battery backup. The systems do require mains power to the control unit but the built-in transformer converts the power to 24 volt. The capacities of the Rams vary from 2 metres and 250KG per gate to 6.5 metres and 750KG per gate leaf depending on your requirements. So please take a look and decide on the best rams for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.    
More information
If you need any more information on our electric ram swing gate kit or any of our other products, please contact us. One of our team will be happy to help you find a suitable kit for your next automated gate system.
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Choose from our wide range of Back mounted Ram Swing Gate Kits to suit your Electric Gate installation:

Jet 24 Electric Gate Kit Bank Holiday Special Offer
Jet 24 Electric Gate Kit Special Offer Bundle (Save £100.00)
Linear 400/24 Electric Gate Kit
Linear 400/24 Kit (24 volt 5 Metre 300KG)

Couper 24 - Electric Gate Kit
King Gates Couper 24 Kit - 2 Metre & 250KG Per Gate Leaf 
Jet 24, Electric Gate Kit
King Gates Jet 24 Kit - 3 Meters & 600KG Per Gate Leaf 
Jet XL 24 Volt 12M Kit
Jet  XL 24 Volt 12M Kit
Mechanical limit stops for the Couper ram (Pair)
Mechanical limit stops for the Couper ram (Pair)
Mechanical limit stops for the Jet ram (Pair)
Mechanical limit stops for the Jet ram (Pair)