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Underground Gate Kits

About the Underground Electric Gate Kits

Select the Underground Electric Gate Kit that meets your requirements

Several technologies are available when it comes to automating your swing gates. Underground gate kits are a discrete solution as they hide the automation system under the ground. All the items available on the website provide a high level of safety.
The kits designed by King Gates can move up to a 500 kg weight capacity and cover 4 metres in length per gate leaf. As part of the selection available on the website, you will find undergroung kits that can achieve 180 degree as well as 360 degree opening. The gate motors function on 24 volt which enables the option for battery backup if required.
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The kits include:
  • Underground motors
  • Foundation box
  • StarG824NG control unit
  • Stylo 4 radio transmitters
  • Pair of Viky 30 photo beams
  • Override release arms and Mechanical Stops for open and closed positions
If you need any more information on our underground gate openers or any of our other products, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find your next gate automation system and offer advise on the installation of it. 

Choose within a range of underground electric gate kits

Intro 400/24 Kit - Underground gate Kit
Intro 400/24 Underground electric gate Kit
Intro Small 24 Kit - Underground gate Kit
Intro Small 180 Degree opening electric gate kit,
Intro 400  24 Volt Motor
Intro 400 24 Volt Motor
Intro 400 Foundation Box
Foundation box for the Intro 400 range
360 degree opening kit for Intro 400 under ground units
360 degree opening kit for Intro 400 under ground units