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Low voltage sliding gate kits

About low voltage Sliding Electric Gate Kits

Select the Sliding Electric Gate Kit that Fits your requirements

To automate a sliding gate on your property with a low voltage (24 volt) King Gates, the renowned Italian company specialised in electric gates, designed a range of high quality kits. Each kit is produced for a specific weight of sliding gate. The range covers sliding gates up to 1800 kg.
Our meticulously curated Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits are the epitome of advanced security meshed with elegant design, tailored for the sophisticated requirements of the UK market. These kits stand as a testament to our commitment to providing sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing automated gate options.
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Each kit includes: 
  • A Dynamo, the gate motor
  • StarG8 Control unit
  • Foundation plate
  • Viky 30 Safety beams
  • Stylo 4K Remote
  • Fixings Pack
Sliding gates are perfect for driveways and a low voltage is sufficient for most of them expect if they are being used on a commercial property. The fact that these gate motors function on low voltage lower the use of electricity and thus the overall cost of the electric gate.
If you need any more information on our sliding electric gate kit or any of our other products, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find your next automated gate system and offer advise on the installation of the automation system.
You can find accessories for electric sliding gates here, including wheels and tracks.

Sophisticated Automation 

Elevate your property's entrance with our eco-friendly and cost-effective Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits, designed for seamless integration into both modern and traditional settings. Our selection caters to a wide array of preferences, ensuring that every kit delivers on both style and functionality. With an emphasis on low power consumption, our sliding gate kits offer a greener, more sustainable choice without sacrificing the convenience of automation.

Custom-Fit Solutions for Enhanced Accessibility

Recognising the unique character of every property, Gates Gates has developed a versatile range of Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits. These kits are adaptable to a variety of gate widths and architectural styles, ensuring a bespoke fit and effortless operation. Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer solutions that are not just easy to install but also come with user-friendly features, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all users.

Commitment to Excellence and Customer Care

Safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction lie at the heart of Gates Gates' ethos. Our Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits are engineered with the highest safety standards in mind, incorporating essential safety features to protect all users. Complementing our superior product range, we offer unrivalled customer support, providing expert advice, installation guidance, and maintenance tips at no additional cost. Our team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is smooth and satisfying, from the initial enquiry through to after-sales support.

Why Opt for Gates Gates Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits?

  • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Embrace the benefits of low-voltage technology with our energy-efficient kits, designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising performance.
  • Tailor-Made Elegance: With a broad selection of designs, our kits can be perfectly matched to the aesthetics of your property, ensuring a stylish and cohesive look.
  • Unmatched Support: Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated support team, offering comprehensive guidance to guarantee that your gate operates flawlessly.
  • High Quality: Specifically developed with the UK climate and standards in mind, our kits promise enduring quality and reliability, assuring peace of mind.
Welcome innovation into your home or business with Gates Gates Low Voltage Sliding Gate Kits, blending state-of-the-art technology with environmental consciousness and design excellence. Explore our range

Choose within a wide range of low voltage sliding electric gate automation systems

King Gates Dynamos 400 Sliding Gate Kit, For gates up to 400 Kg
Dynamos 400 Kit, 24 volt, for gates up to 400 Kg
Dynamos 24/1000 sliding gate Kit, For gates up to 1000 Kg
Dynamos 1000 Kit, 24 volt, for gates up to 1000 Kg
King Gates Dynamos 24/1800 Sliding Gate Kit, For gates up to 1800 Kg
Dynamos 1800 Kit, 24 volt, for gates up to 1800 Kg
King Gates Dynamos 2500XL Sliding Gate Kit, For gates up to 2500 Kg
Dynamos 2500 Kit, 24 volt, for gates up to 1800 Kg