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Single Sliding Gate Kits

Shop an electric sliding gate kit to fit your single gate

Discover our wide range of sliding gate kits for single gates. The electric sliding gate kits are tailored to fit an existing sliding gate. Once your sliding gate is automated you can open and close it remotely for more convenience. GatesGates made a selection of electric kits to power your gates.

For all types of usage we stock sliding electric gate kits for gates with a maximum weight of 1 800 kg. The sliding gate motor is operated with a low voltage (24v motors).

For low to medium usage we provide dynamos kit for gates up to 1 000 kg. The voltage is higher in that range of motors (230v motors).

The electric gate motors available in this category are produced by King Gates, a specialist brand for gate and door automation systems.

Automate your gates with the best systems available on GatesGates: Ground loop detectors and cable, key pads, spares and replacements.

Find the automatic sliding gate kit that matches your requirements:

Low voltage sliding gate kits

Low voltage sliding gate kits

Suitable for all types of usage

Mains voltage sliding gate kits

Mains voltage sliding gate kits

Low to Medium usage